Our End of Year Round up of 2019

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This year, we at MEaP have been busy preparing our application to the DfE for our Primary Free School with Nursery but we have also been busy preparing a new transition towards our schools!

Here are some updates on last year’s report

  • We are planning three more community consultation meetings next year:
    • In Salford, 8.2.19, venue: tbc
  • We actually had our consultation at Sovereign House in Salford on May 22nd 
    • In Levenshulme, 8.3.19, venue: Highway Hope, 1 Matthews Lane
  • We actually had our consultation at Highway Hope at their Stockport venue on July 11th
    • In Oldham, 11.3.19, venue: tbc
  • We didn’t manage to make it to Oldham but we did hold consultations at the Manchester Academy High School and at Highway Hope in Levenshulme between 17th – 19th September

MEaP Academy School, our new transition!!

We had our MEaP Academy School soft Launch on 21st November!

  • We are currently working towards our official launch on January 13th 2020.

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