Academic Leads (Drafting team): Dr Michael McEachrane, Dr Ornette Clennon, Elsie Gayle, Shaban Jah and Constance de la Vega

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24th session of the Working Group WGEPAD (OHCHR),

25-29 March 2019, Geneva EU Commission Report on “Being Black in Europe”

28.11.18 UN Human Rights meeting to be addressed by Visiting Research Fellow 16.11.17 – UPDATED: […]

via To the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent towards its midterm review report on the UN International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024 — Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster

Opening our Afterschool Provision 21.1.20

Dear Follower

Just a quick update on our progress. We currently have insufficient numbers to open our Afterschool Provisions at the GIFT Academy and Brow House at the moment. We are currently reviewing our marketing arrangements to address this. As soon as the situation changes, you will be the first to know about it.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Many thanks for you patience.

MEaP Team

Our End of Year Round up of 2019

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This year, we at MEaP have been busy preparing our application to the DfE for our Primary Free School with Nursery but we have also been busy preparing a new transition towards our schools!

Here are some updates on last year’s report

  • We are planning three more community consultation meetings next year:
    • In Salford, 8.2.19, venue: tbc
  • We actually had our consultation at Sovereign House in Salford on May 22nd 
    • In Levenshulme, 8.3.19, venue: Highway Hope, 1 Matthews Lane
  • We actually had our consultation at Highway Hope at their Stockport venue on July 11th
    • In Oldham, 11.3.19, venue: tbc
  • We didn’t manage to make it to Oldham but we did hold consultations at the Manchester Academy High School and at Highway Hope in Levenshulme between 17th – 19th September

MEaP Academy School, our new transition!!

We had our MEaP Academy School soft Launch on 21st November!

  • We are currently working towards our official launch on January 13th 2020.

Expression Of Interest Form

MEaP Soft Launch Update 21.11.19

MEaP Soft Launch Update 21.11.19

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Our Stockport Supplementary School Consultation

Salford Supplementary School Consultation

Our First Primary Free School Consultation Event on November 23rd, 2018


We shared our plans  (for ppt, click here) with members of the community, last night and got some very positive feedback

Feedback on our Plans

launch3The attendees were particularly impressed with the affordability of our offer, especially as it included an additional focus on high quality extra-curricula activities. Our OFSTED registration was seen as a major plus, as the attendees recognised that the government subsidies available that our OFSTED registration allowed, made our offer attainable for our communities. Our UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools participation was also seen as a major positive, as our attendees agreed that cultural heritage could be taught within the framework of children’s rights and that this would promote wider curriculum engagement.

One attendee was keen to add that she thought parental engagement at EYS was equally important and she said that could be achieved by regularly inviting parents to join their children in sessions.

Aspirations for our Phase 3 Development (Free School)


Our attendees made many suggestions about what they would like to see in our future day school provision:


  • Critical thinking via writing essays on current issues
  • African Philosophy, also from psychological perspective
  • Rights of passage (part of PSHE)
  • EYS+ play activities with African dolls, images, books etc
  • Hands on coding
  • Mother tongue languages, especially Swahili
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Performing Arts


Extra-curricula activities

  • Book clubs
  • Film reviews
  • Yoga/mindfulness
  • Museum tours
  • School exchange trips to African schools
  • Martial Arts
  • Chess club
  • Games such ‘Cash Flow’ (for teaching financial literacy)
  • Educational trips to Legoland