African Philosophy of Education: Ubuntu

African Philosophy of Education

Course overview


The course was originally written and delivered by Professor Yusef Waghid from Stellenbosh University, South Africa. The platform used to deliver the programme was FutureLearn.

As we study this programme, it will be important for us to try to translate the case studies that are presented to our environment as members of the international African Diaspora. I am keen that together we can adapt this excellent programme to aid us in our delivery of an exciting and liberatory MEaP pedagogy.

In this course overview, Professor Yusef Waghid identifies FOUR approaches to doing African philosophy of education:

Week 1: Giving thought to African philosophy of education

Week 2: Examining different approaches (genres) to African philosophy of education

Week 3: Towards a communitarian understanding of African philosophy of education

Week: 4: African philosophy of education and the cultivation of justice

Further reading

The African Philosophy Reader, P.H. Coetzee & A.P.J. Roux (eds.)

A Companion to African Philosophy, K. Wiredu (ed.)