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We are proud and excited to arrange high quality extra-curricula activities for our schools by working with a wide range of stakeholders and cultural partners.

For Parents

We deliver our Afterschool activities from:

Brow House and GIFT Academy

Here are some of the exciting projects we have delivered so far….

2017 IntoOxford Spring Residential

oxford 4

2016 IntoUniversity Project


2015 BBC Outreach Project with the BBC Philharmonic

2014 ‘Manchester Museum Comes To You’ Project


2013 Innovation in Partnership: An introduction to collaborative working between supplementary schools, universities, museums and arts and heritage organisations


With our wide range of partners we also deliver workshops around

  • Youth Mentoring
  • Employability and Lifeskills
  • Creativity and Arts for Life (including a music academy where young people learn to play drums, guitar and keyboard and take graded exams)
  • Sports for Life

See our Community Lifelong Learning activities for more details.

Also see our associated Saturday Schools (Supplementary Schools) for more details.

Here are some of our partners:

Manchester Metropolitan UniversityUniversity of ManchesterManchester MuseumUniversity of SalfordMOSISavvy GuestCaribbean and African Health NetworkFaith Network for ManchesterAfrican and Caribbean Mental Health Services: Positive Vibrations (music service), Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, Highway Hope Social EnterpriseGIFTThe Works, Strategies to Elevate People, Making Education a Priority (supplementary school consortium)National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE)Federal University of the Amazon (UFAM)University of Namibia (UNAM)Manchester City Council


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