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 I am hugely excited to welcome you. Our projects are all about social action, life skills and fun, the perfect accompaniment to our classes at Highway Hope and Brooks Building!


Dr. Ornette D Clennon, Deputy Headteacher

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Local Authorities and Commissioners

English as an Additional Language (EAL), Special Educational Needs and DisAbilities (SEND), Social Emotional Educational Mental Health (SEMH) and Looked After Children (LAC)

In our Virtual School, we offer tuition using community languages to teach young people who might not yet be able to access the mainstream KS2 – 4 curricula in English. We use their community language as a scaffold for the acquisition of the necessary English language skills required to fully participate in mainstream education.

We are currently working with the Virtual School at Cumbria County Council. We are also currently working with RC Barlow High School (via Manchester City Council Social Services (Virtual School)) and the Virtual School at Bury Council.

I must say that your educational provision is outstanding and I would like to thank you for all that you have put in place so far for X.

(Carer of an EAL Student)

She certainly enjoys her learning and feels that she is getting a lot out of your programme.

(Carer of an EAL Student)

It’s really great to see how well she is doing and the progress she continues to make. Thank you again for all your help and support

(Sarah Luffrum-Miller, Virtual School Team, Cumbria County Council)

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Read our sample EAL and SEND reports here and here.

Our Partners

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Years 7 – 11

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What we do – The Approach

Afterschool Provision

Our approach lends itself to a collaborative and partnership-based vision in the delivery of learning and we have already established a broad base of educational and community relationships that support our school and the delivery of learning. We endeavor to provide a focal point for expertise within the community, drawing from and contributing to local community activity and assets. We draw on existing partnerships and build new links that enable pupils (and their families) to embed and enhance their understanding of, and engagement with, a range of local issues covering:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Community action
  • Youth work (#IWILLSocialAction campaign)
  • Business and commerce
  • Arts and Culture
  • Social and community enterprise.

Our social action and extra-curricula activities will be accredited with a L3 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and the Arts Awards. As a school we aim to be a Centre of Excellence in our community, drawing together the rich variety of skills, assets, people and energy already present in our midst for the benefit of our children and young people.

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