History and Geography

We will teach these subjects in a closely interconnected manner in order to promote our aims of nurturing “global citizens”.

In our school, we will bring our history topics to life through the use of interactive work and using the topic to link in with other subjects (such as science and RE). However, we will also aim to teach contested histories and histories that reflect the diverse historical narratives of our communities. Our teaching of history will also aim to show how each historical narrative interconnects to form what we call “world history”. In this way, we will use appropriate visits to places within the local area to enthuse children and ensure they have an enhanced historical knowledge that will enable them to better understand all the strands within the history national curriculum, as “global citizens”.

For geography, we will use our local area to enhance our geographical enquiries and the skills that are required. However, we will also use the Oddizzi scheme of work to support our aspirations of nurturing our children to become “global citizens”.