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Welcome to our Consultation Page!

Through our partnerships at MEaP, we want to establish two schools that are culturally relevant to our local communities and which improve the range and quality of local educational provision. Specifically, we are aiming to develop:

  • An Alternative Provision (AP) school for local children and young people at Key Stages 3 and 4, who are experiencing behavioural and/or developmental barriers.
  • A Primary School grounded in education for global citizenship with Early Years and Nursery that provides a child-centred approach to learning, inspired by the Reggio Emelia approach.

Our proposals aim to raise standards, challenge young people and children to aspire and to attain educational excellence and, in the process, address social exclusion within our communities. Our new schools will fulfill a need for quality Primary with Early Years and Nursery and Alternative Provision places, in so doing, offering parents and commissioners more choice.

Underpinning our approach within both schools will be a focus on embedding Citizenship and independent learning values into our curricula. We also intend for our schools to be teacher training centres, where we will be able to ‘grow’ and nurture teachers from our local communities.

We are currently in the consultation phase, where we are looking for your input as parents, educators, commissioners and policy makers about the educational needs of our young people and your expectations of how a school run by members of our local communities could meet them.

Please read on to discover more about our proposals and to find out how you can contribute to our consultations.

Meet our team

Alternative Provision (AP)

Primary School with Early Years and Nursery







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