Mrs. Hyacinth Louise Dunn

Louise Dunn

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Louise has worked for the Manchester Adult Education Service as a qualified teacher in adult education for over 24 years. Louise has also worked as a nurse and secretary in the past. For the past 12 years, Louise has been working as a volunteer tutor at St John’s Community Centre and a trustee. As a Director of MEaP, Louise works with Amber to help deliver our Twilight School Provision.

Dr. Esther Oluwayemisi Oludipe


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Dr Esther Oluwayemisi Oludipe is our Project Coordinator. She is a qualified Pharmacist and a member of the General Pharmaceutical Council. Esther has over 30 years post qualification experience as a Scientist and Academic (Lecturer and Researcher; King’s College, London and University of Ibadan, Nigeria), a Community Development worker and a Community Pharmacist.  She is an author of several peer reviewed scientific papers and books. As a scientist, Esther has worked extensively on anti-oxidants from plant origin especially of the edible vegetables with a view towards promoting health awareness of the use of antioxidants in the prevention of over a hundred disease conditions based on oxidative stress in humans. These conditions range from the neurodegenerative to heart diseases, AIDS and Cancer. Esther has also received many Fellowships and awards for her research into Pharmacognosy, where she has conducted

  • Ethnobotanical Surveys
  • Phytochemical Screening and Biological evaluations of ethnopharmacologically based recipes
  • Isolation, purification and characterisation/structural elucidation of bioactive components from medicinal plants using techniques such as HPLC, Mass spec, NMR
  • In-vivo and in vitro biological evaluations
  • Toxicological evaluations of bioactive constituents and extracts
  • Formulation studies and clinical trials

Esther is also the chair of Highway Hope, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation of which the Highway Hope supplementary schools have teamed up with other leading Manchester supplementary schools to form our MEaP consortium. Esther’s background as a scientist drives her passion for STEM subject teaching in the MEaP consortium and is also combined with her interest in community health and wellbeing.

Ms. Hambeleleni (Amber) Abisai


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Hambeleleni (Amber) Abisai is responsible for Quality Assurance, Mentoring of Supplementary School teachers, Teacher-Training and English Teacher at Key Stages 3 and 4 for MEaP. Amber also coordinates our Twilight School at MMU’s Brooks Building. Because Amber is passionate about imparting knowledge and skills that contribute to raising attainment and achievement of disadvantaged children, she facilitates an Annual International Essay Writing Competition for Children and Young People of African Descent that encourages the development of critical thinking, reading, writing, analysis and reflective learning. Amber takes pride in her students who have achieved 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places over the past seven years of this competition. Amber coordinates the competition with Odibo St Mary’s High School in Namibia where she also contributes to their teacher-training. Amber is also a member of the University of Namibia’s (UNAM) CPD and Management committee for the Continuous Professional Development Association for Educators in Namibia.  Amber has worked extensively in education and health. Her varied portfolio consists of work with Manchester College of Management and Technology, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust  (National Health Service – England), World Health Organisation (WHO), Ministry of Health and Social Services (Namibia), The Desert Research Foundation of Namibia and The Council of Churches of Namibia.

Mr. Henry Ngawoofah


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Henry Ngawoofah is co-founder Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT) a network of social enterprises that came together in order to build strategic partnerships and utilise resources to support local people into education and employment and self-employment. Henry leads our enterprise initiatives at MEaP. Achievements include setting up an Open Awards Accreditation Training Centre, Supplementary School and Life Long Learning Service, Mentoring and Mediation Service.  Henry has developed an accredited Business Enterprise Employability training (BEET) programme which supports those who are long-term unemployed to employment and self employment. 

Henry has a track record of designing bespoke training and capacity building programmes to help organisations to achieve nationally recognised accreditation, kite marks and quality assurance systems.  Key achievements includes successfully securing substantial funding bids on of behalf of Education and Social Enterprise programmes, to access statutory, trusts, Lottery and European funding.  As Director of MEaP, Henry continues to develop professionally and academically currently undertaking his Masters in Teaching and Learning at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dr. Ornette D Clennon


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Dr Ornette D. Clennon is a Visiting Research Fellow and a critical race scholar in The Research Centre for Social Change: Community Wellbeing, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), where he leads the Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster. Ornette also leads MEaP’s research and engagement strategies in addition to managing our research relationship with MMU.  Ornette is also the Teacher Training Mentor for our Twilight School at MMU’s Brooks Building. Ornette is also Visiting Professor at the Federal University of the Amazonas. Ornette writes for Media Diversified and openDemocracy UK and is a Public Engagement Ambassador for the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). Ornette is widely published and his books can be found here.

Ornette is a community activist at local, national and international levels and works with the Ubele Initiative, Locality, Alci Matos Community (Manaus, Brazil), IDPAD Alliance of CSOs (United Nations), MACC, Making Education a Priority (MEaP), Black British Academics and the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education. Ornette’s enterprise and activism work has been recognised with the 2011 NCCPE Beacons New Partnerships Award.

Ms. Jumoke Quadri


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Mrs Jumoke Quadri (JQ) is a qualified Accountant, School Business Manager, School Governor, member of the Institute of Administrative Management and a dedicated and experienced educationist with over 20 years post qualification experience in the Corporate Finance and Education sectors.

JQ is the Finance Director at MEaP and is responsible for setting and agreeing a viable financial strategy and plan that ensures sustainability and solvency for the organisation. JQ is also responsible for providing detailed financial knowledge and experience to provide advice and guidance to the board, in addition to helping the board to identify when specialist skills and experience in audit, fraud or human resources are required.

JQ has also worked extensively as a School Business Manager, Accountant, Administrator and Head of School both nationally and internationally.

JQ is also our Early Years lead and through her community enterprise, Nurturing Foundations represents us on the VCSE Reference Group for GMCA’s School Readiness programme. JQ is very passionate about community education and the value added education of children and young adults. Her considerable experience of managing international training programmes and her outstanding communication skills have helped her found Nurturing Foundations, whose mission is to nurture and develop life skills and knowledge in order to help communities to work through the social challenges that can often impede their development and self-determination.

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