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In the focus group sessions we participated in as part of forming a policy response for the role of Supplementary schools in the government’s Integrated Communities Action Plan, we discussed the following:

  • Supplementary schools should be rebranded as community hubs that run educational activities, meaning that our schools might be a better fit for Communities funding
  • Supplementary schools should diversify their activities to deliver other community services
  • The need to prepare supplementary schools via their policies, safeguarding and governance to become commission-ready in order to be able receive commissions from the MCC to provide local youth and community services

We feel that in order to address these points, as a sector we need to come together and form a stronger collective voice. With this in mind, we have designed a package of services as part of a membership plan that will allow members to access mentoring and a range of resources that we have developed as part of our Manchester City Council Higher Level Award.

MEaP Membership Information

MEaP Membership Form for Schools and Organisations

MEaP Membership Form for Parents and Individuals

Members’ Area

Where you will be able to find details about our:

  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Teacher Training  Pathway for non-graduates
  • Teacher Training Tips – some hands-on advice, guides and resources
  • MEaP Twilight School Policies