Mental Health Project

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Funded by the Mental Health Grants Programme

The project aimed to develop the concept of a local Health and Wellbeing Hub that supported people self identified as having mental health issues

What we did

  • Provided training in life skills of real life application for learning to approximately 30 adults with mental health related problems to promote social inclusion and promotion of mental health awareness for the hard to reach individuals.
  • Provided 6 months voluntary work experience in sales, gardening, administration, logistics and support for those looking for paid employment to improve physical and mental health.
  • Provided career support, CVs writing and interview techniques to make it easy to access employment and live independently.
  • Facilitated sport and leisure activities to increase social inclusion.
  • Worked with other partner organisations to promote community engagement, social network for effective inclusion and provide referral services.
  • Encouraged people with mental health problems to participate in social activities and get involved in sport and leisure such as football, table tennis and offers conducive environment for social inclusion and promote recovery.

What we found

Our project helped our clients to

  • Develop confidence in contributing to their community and live independently.
  • Develop community relationships and maintain meaningful social lives.
  • Engage in their social network within their neighbourhood/community

Our clients felt valued and also felt comfortable and confident to take part in enterprise and community activities/engagement. Confidence improved their capacity to fully participate in integrated multidisciplinary training in employability, music, art and integrated culture awareness training that challenged stigma and discrimination.

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