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Nurturing Foundations was established in 2018 to help communities address unhealthy, negative and anti-social behaviour. It became a registered charity in 2019 with a passion of helping individuals attain their maximum potential by making them empowered global citizens capable of making the right choices at all times.

Nurturing Foundations is the brainchild of Jumoke Quadri.


Jumoke has had a successful career as an Education Consultant in the UK and West Africa. Her vision stemmed from her daily interaction with children and teenagers when she was the Finance Manager at a school in Woodgreen, London, UK and also as the Head of School and Group Administrator at an International School in Nigeria, West Africa.

With her experience and interest in childcare, Jumoke has had a big focus on nurturing and  promoting healthy child development.

As a school governor and Children’s Champion with UNICEF in the UK, Jumoke has been fortunate to have been in contact with teachers, school leadership team members and aspiring individuals in their various fields, all of whom have the talent and time to help enrich children’s lives.

Nurturing Foundations was born out of the desire to harness and share these talents with the next generation, in an effort to build and nurture character.

Presently, Nurturing Foundations caters to over 30 nationalities in our ever growing training sessions.

Our Vision

To see a world filled with empowered global citizens.

Our Mission

Nurturing Foundations was developed out of the realisation of the problems that exist due to the behaviour and actions of individuals that lack consideration for the wellbeing of others.

We interact daily and it is very fundamental and important that we conduct ourselves in an atmosphere of mutual respect and courteous behaviour at all times.

We focus on prevention and early intervention as this is very necessary to support the next generation through lifelong learning thereby laying a solid foundation.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is the focus of the work we do with children and young adults.

Our mission is to promote social inclusion and advance through education the subject of social skills.

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Nurturing Foundations
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