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Our member partners deliver a range of Skills for Life and Social Action activities as follows:

For Parents

Afterschool Provision: Mentoring and Mediation

We deliver these Afterschool activities at:

GIFT Academy

GIFT Youth Forum/Youth Work

This project enables young people to be proactively involved in developing activities that will divert them from off the streets and minimise or stop anti-social behaviour such as teenage pregnancies and assist them in moving away from crime that is affecting our community. We aim to target 11 – 15 years and 16 – 19 age groups. The activities involve developing their skills for adulthood by helping them to be responsible for their own lives and others. The project provides a one stop youth services that will encapsulate and promote i) Mental and physical health. ii) Education. iii) Family sessions and Youth counselling.

Peer Mentoring

The project has given young people the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills, increase their confidence and self-esteem and become more proactive in the community. Our Mentors provide intensive support to young people to enable them to overcome personal and practical barriers to employment.

Community Mentoring and Mediation Service

This provides an integrated community mentoring and mediation service aimed at helping young people and their families to resolve conflict within the home and school to address issues that inhibit the family from functioning as a whole. The project trains up volunteers to become community mediators or mentors to use restorative justice approaches within the home, school and community.  This has enabled us to establish a localised support service for young people in community setting, helping to promote and offer equality of opportunity.


GIFT Volunteers Mentors Training Programme

We have an ongoing recruitment for volunteers who are willing to provide support to young people who are experiencing disadvantage in developing their education and career aspirations. GIFT currently has Mentors drawn from the local community with a diverse range of backgrounds who can relate and respond to local needs. They have a range of knowledge within the employment sector, in teaching, construction, social work, sport and arts.

Youth 2 BEET (Business Enterprise, Employment and Training)

This project provides an opportunity for young people to participate in weekly workshops which consist of the following themes:

  • How to use your life skills/experience to achieve your goals?
  • How to overcome peer pressure and stay focused?
  • How to overcome barriers that prevent young people from achieving their goals
  • How to deal with past disappointment/frustrations

MEaP Equality and Diversity Training

We currently offer two accredited CPD training workshops:

An Introduction to Culturally Sensitive Equality and Diversity Training

Training Objectives

  • To acquaint participants with the Equality Act 2010
  • To explore the interpretation of the Equality Act 2010 through a cultural lens
  • To explore how a culturally sensitive interpretation of the Equality Act 2010 will impact on organisational policy making

By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Understand how culture and cultural difference may impact on interpretation of Equality Act 2010
  • Understand that culture is a dynamic and changing concept
  • Understand how they may build cultural skills, knowledge, competence and culturally appropriate practice that will encourage inclusive practice

An Introduction to Education for Global Citizenship: Workshop Series

Training Objectives

  • To acquaint participants with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
  • To acquaint participants with the Education for Global Citizenship teaching and learning

By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Understand how local cultural enquiry can impact on interpretation of Education for Global Citizenship to form the concept of ‘glocal’
  • Understand how UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals can underpin the use of Education for Global Citizenship in the classroom
  • Understand how to embed Education for Global Citizenship in classroom/session planning and deliver


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